People think…..

No matter what happens in the world, the most we care is what the next person is thinking about us. By telling this, i am not going to tell about some stalwarts or the most fashionable persons in the world, though many a times they are also succumbed to this idea of making someone happy who is readily available besides them. This may seems vague while reading, but most of the times it’s true no matter how far we want to not come across about this idea.

However, this is my first blog. In the next few blogs i ll tell you some interesting stories about those people, whose life may seem very unimportant to the world, but believe me, their life has changed at least dozen of the people in this world.

And the bottom line is, in this age of science and technology where people are mostly self-centered, if you can change at least one man’s life, then it’s really a big achievement.